Tim Bair, Producing Artistic Director at Theatre in the Park

"Prior to John joining us as resident hair/make-up designer, TTIP had been an ‘every-man-for-himself’ kinda place. Now, with John's guidance, we finally have a cohesive look from show to show in that everything is thought out and planned! Every actor has access to a knowledgeable and helpful designer whose first concern is communicating the show to observers through proper hair and make-up design, styling and application. John is a joy to work with. He's professional, kind, understanding, helpful and knowledgeable. We have come leaps and bounds with John on our staff. I would recommend him HIGHLY to anyone in the business of presenting theatre!"

Eddie Shafer, Theatre Instructor at Olathe East High School

"Having John Hollan as a collaborator and mentor in our High School Theatre Program has been a real game-changer. At Olathe East Theatre we pride ourselves on producing quality work that inspires student actors and designers to create like professionals. John spends countless hours working with our students to create masterful hair and makeup designs in the same manner as a professional theatre company, but of greater value is his gift for inspiring students' imaginations and allowing them to create their own characters and stories. His leadership and work ethic have contributed to a standard of excellence in our theatre program that goes beyond just hair and makeup. His patience, artistry, ingenuity, and expertise have fostered a culture of professionalism that resonates throughout our department and that has elevated the quality of all our productions."

David Hastings, Theatre Instructor at Olathe South High School

"John is a great team player. He listens to your ideas, and creates ways to realize your vision. Best of all is his leadership with the students; he empowers both actors and crew members to own their show. He is an artist, an educator, and an inspiration. His work on a recent play helped my students create characters that earned them the right to perform at the International Thespian Festival. You would be lucky to have John on your team."

Bob Compton, photographer specializing in live performance photography

“What impressed me about John is how effortless he made his job look, despite hundreds of 'stage parents', and almost 100 actors. John had a plan and was ready from the first rehearsal, and taught his actors along the way in the art of stage makeup. What a pro!”

Greg Lane, actor

“John is an amazing makeup artist and more than that a teacher! I learned more about theatrical makeup during a summer production of "Cinderella" than during my entire theatre history! Working with a cast ranging from children to seasoned actors, Mr. Hollan created a show that was visually beautiful to crowds of thousands.”

Scott Stubbs, stage manager

“I have not worked with anyone who is better than John at hair and makeup in the 27 years and over 200 productions of my career in theatre.”

Sarah Montoya, Actress

“One word to sum up John Hollan's hair and makeup design: brilliant. He is a master at what he does; and what he does is bring your character to life! It's not just about applying makeup to John. It's about working with you as an actor to bring your character to life for you as well as the crowd. Working with him was an absolute pleasure and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again! Bravo, John!”

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