Education & Mentoring | Stage Face & Hair

For more than a decade we have written and presented lectures and workshops for actors and crew members who want to learn how they might present the best visual representation of the characters they portray. Workshops are scheduled on request and content is completely customizeable. Past workshops include:

  • Basic Stage Makeup: Why & How
  • Period Fashion, Makeup & Hair
    • Victorian
    • Edwardian
    • 1920’s
    • 1940’s
    • 1950’s 
    • 1960’s 
    • 1980’s
  • Choreographing a Quick Change
  • Preparation for Wearing Wigs

Hands-On Learning

Because of our ongoing partnerships with various local theaters, we are often able to arrange opportunities for students or adults interested in stage makeup or wig dressing to shadow our makeup artists or work on volunteer makeup crews througout the year. Email us for more information on such opportunities.

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